Gruenrekorder GrDl 084 | file | 2011 | 10,00 €

Seven years after the first public musical outing. What a crucial phase. The first album planted flowers in an abattoir, this new one throws leaves on a grave. I guess for the running people a persevering man seems to be leaving.

The teeth are loose, we need a brace!
Two boys buried, I’ll travel with you to Tupelo. Towards Bright Music for Lulubelle.
"Don’t listen to Rock’N'Roll, it’s contaminated by death’s bite!"

  1. Soot (0'43)
  2. Loosing Teeth (11'59)
  3. Lurking Teeth (10'26)
  4. Soot Toe (4'02)
  5. Losing Teeth (8'37)
  6. Soot Tea (4'08)

About the record

Tupelo’s vultures were recorded bit by bit 2009-2010 at an equatorial compost heap.
The microcosm of birth and decay.
Digital for digital!
The musical windfall was composted, performed and edited in 2010.

The album can be purchased as WAV or losslees MP3 via Gruenrekorder's website.

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