The Strings That Heal The Orchestra

Taâlem alm 65 | 3" CDR | 2010 | 4,50 €

"After a collaborative release with Emerge a few years ago under the Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf alias, Mirko Uhlig is back on Taâlem after some other releases on Mystery Sea, AFE or Gears Of Sand."

   1. The Strings That Heal The Orchestra (17'32)

About the record

"Here, Mirko shows a new direction in his musical creations. Maybe less experimental than before, more direct, emotional and full of melancholy..."

Photography & artwork: Delphine Ancelle-B.

Recorded/finished: late 2007/springtime 2008
Conducted by Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf at the Cognitive Oblivion Adscript.


Vital Weekly #729:
"These three new releases by Taalem are from the younger generation of drone artists. Mirko Uhlig we may see as the old one from this three, with his work as Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf and later on his solo work. In his recent work Uhlig seems to be interested in finding a musical component again. Some sort of strings are at the core of this piece, which are stretched out to some extent, layered and form a strange piece of music. Indeed a bit orchestral, as indicated in the title. Its cut into three parts (though remaining piece on the release), which comes and goes like a tidal wave. It has a great quiet texture to it, almost solemnly moving about. Away from the deeply dark drone world, and into a more ambient field. Excellent stuff."
Frans de Waard

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