The Rabbit's Locked Book

Montevideo ROU-2 | file | 2010 | pay what you like

"The Rabbit's Logbook" previously released as fm.m04 on Field Muzick in Summer 2007. That mini disc-edition has been sold out long ago. Remix and additional tracks from the same session reworked 2008-2010. 

  1. Signal Lamb (00'37)
  2. The Rabbit's Locked Book (18'43)
  3. Our Night Is A Drop (00'36)   
  4. The Rabbit's Logbook (18'24) 

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Vital Weekly #749:
"Reviewing MP3s, free or paid, is something Vital Weekly doesn't do anymore. Full stop. Oh, with the exception of something that I really like personally. Maybe something like Mirko Uhlig, whose LP 'VIVMMI' is an absolute favorite of mine, and also many of his other works I really 'dig'. Uhlig is one of the younger composers in the world of drone music. And he's one of the better ones in his field. His pieces (two very short, two very long) are delights for the ear. Using long sustaining sounds, like all good drone composers, he adds a few surprises: electro-acoustic rumbling, field recordings and an interesting love for start/stop editing. This makes this work somewhat different than the usual works in this field. It adds a menacing, intense atmosphere to these pieces. You never know what is going to happen to next. You get a crude wake up call, just when you least expect it. That's what makes this just very good music. Which made me wonder: why here and not as his next great LP?"
Frans de Waard

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