Is It Possible To Be At War With You?

Dying For Bad Music DFBM001 & DUAAL02 | pro-CDR | 2010 | 8,00 € | digital download @Bandcamp 4,00 €

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What's your exclamation mark about?

Back from the dead with a grave-robbed guitar of Johnny Flash and the thunder-flute of Guybrush Threepwood!

Sounding like a wooden box full of moths wrapped around a tree in Turkey - now with the voice of lurid lechers! And the lyrics of precocious parrots!

After leaving with the monkey in 2006 with #36, now "Swine wash in the mire, and barnyard fowls in dust" is the rule, you know. Coming in your house to calm down broken hearts, or just to break healthy ones, with some lovely songs and sounds from the center of Twin Peaks' woods.

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<a href="">Auf Wasserleichen gehen by Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf</a>

  1. Auf Wasserleichen Gehen (6'28)
  2. Is It Possible To Be At War With You? (6'16)
       including Borderline
  3. Auf Finnisch Klang Mein Alltag Mystisch (3'45)
  4. At The Foot Of Rain From Tupelo (3'38)
  5. The Scoop Of A Bee (3'55)
  6. Nachtmeerfahrt Eins (3'39)
  7. Marram Grass (4'29)
  8. Nachtmeerfahrt Zwei (4'39)
  9. Kör Sakta (Lekande Barn) (13'00)
10. Chicken Poxes (3'07)

About the record

Standing out here in the hot sun, so microscopically.
Weeks and months and seasons, fly by me on the desert, falling through those same old crowded rooms...and end up at the bottom of the sea. Fish he got a hook in his throat, fish he got problems. Wake and find you’re covered in cellophane. Who dunnit? When they do it you’re never there. Is this the way to learn the cause and effect?

The messenger brought me a letter. Too stubborn to say, the buck stops here. First you must climb, then you must stand and shiver, if you want to put ice in the lava river. Colder and colder, the ice is moving closer. I wish I was an Aztec. Don’t seem too bad if you consider.

Come a ky ky yippee yi yippee yi ay!

Look up on the wall, what makes you hypnotized? Sooner or later you’ll have to see traces on the sand, there on the floor. What brings you the blues under the pillow, behind the door?

Chemical computer, wait a minute now - you run the show.
He rides the range ’til midnight. We’ll send it out right away through the galaxy of love. Of course the herd looks perfect.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Dog baiter, agitator, a new design...
You want it, you’ve got it!
Big noise, black smoke, so pig-headed couldn’t see the joke.
But like a monkey on your back you need it.
There’s a lot I could say.
Just put another record on.


"Mirko Uhlig behaucht und beatmet sein Aalfangpseudonym neu und legt mit »Is It Possible To Be At War With You?« ein würdiges Nachfolgewerk zur vier Jahre zurückliegenden Aalfang-Dronesingle vor.
Ein ganzes Aalfangalbum, schnörkellose Songminiaturen zwischen Folk und experimenteller Dronalität, eingehüllt in Wanderfolkbluesgitarrenschnipsel und knisternder Timestretchmechanika. Current 93 schreit man hier besser nicht, wenngleich David Tibet in allen Folkgenres DIE Reverenz darstellt, aber Mirko Uhlig verfolgt mit seiner seltsam aus dem Kontext gerissenen Songsoundstruktur eine gänzlich andere Richtung. Bisweilen melancholisch, bisweilen kraftvoll packend geht »Is It Possible To Be At War With You?« in eine vollkommen neue Richtung. Während auf den vorigen Aalfang-Alben noch der klassische Tonschnitt nebst surrealer Tapestrie zwischen den Konkretklängen herrschte, weilt das neue Werk mehr als je zuvor in der Folkwelt, allerdings um ein vielfaches pervertiert und dekontextualisiert. Drones schnarren als Bett für emotional veranlagte Gitarrenfolks, digital hochgezogene Vokale kreisen durch das Stereofeld, Cut, herübergeleitet aus dem letzten Gitarrenstrumm taucht Uhlig ab, wie ein Aal durchkämmt er die gleichförmigen Wellentäler seiner reichlich sattsamen Fließendmusik, abgestimmt mittels moderner Feldrekorderthematik und dem trunken machenden Einsatz feingestimmter Tapedelays.
Während Uhligs Aal-Imprint in vergangenen Zeiten feines Artwork bot, erscheint »Is It Possible To Be At War With You?« als professionell gedruckte CDR in Vierfarbschuber, plus Sticker auf der Vorderseite. Ein geradezu elegantes, zeitgemäßes Studiowerk, dass mir durchaus als Vinyl gefallen könnte. Eine wahre Bereicherung für 2010, eine wahre Bereicherung für all jene, die Crossovermusik im experimentellen Rahmen vermisst haben. Groß. ––– MONATSEMPFEHLUNG DER REDAKTION –––
Thorsten Soltau

Vital Weekly #718:
"This weekend I brought some amazement to someone's face by telling I really (really!) like Abba. We all have our secrets, I guess. Marcus Obst is best known for running the Field Muzick Recordings label, but he started Dying For Bad Music to release folk music. He knows (?) I don't like folk music (think to know I don't like it), but asks me if I want to review it. The first one is rather surprising Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf, once the band name used by Mirko Uhlig, but I thought he left it behind when he started to work under his own name. 'Auf Wasserleichen Gehen' opens up with what seems like a guy on speed and a guitar. Helium folk? In the same piece we have several more, entirely different songs and sound collage. Definitely not standard folk music, which is always great, I'd say. The theme of a man with an acoustic guitar is repeated in the other songs indeed, but that's not what makes this an interesting album, in my opinion. Its the more or less psychedelic approach of adding field recordings and electronic treatments (cross fading a song into a backwards rendition of the same song). All of that makes this a highly unusual folk album - even for someone like me, readily admitting, who doesn't know much about folk music. I think this is a particularly strong album, even with the guitar playing and singing (maybe a bit too much reverb on the voice sometimes). Some of that sounds like things I heard on Black Petal before and its not the kind of music I would play a lot indeed, but I can actually enjoy it quite a bit. Maybe for those who like Current 93? How would I know? You never know.
Least Carpet play 'Eastern European influenced psych folk' and use guitar, bouzouki, melodica, flute, drums, flutes, drums, cymbals and jew's harp. I am not sure if this one guy or a band. The tracks are rather short and indeed have some vaguely middle-european feel to it, or perhaps even a medieval feel - at least how we think it must have sounded back then. No vocals, this is purely instrumental music. The recording is nicely kept rough, with a sort of direct recording and no sound effects on any of the instruments. I see castles in the mist, gypsies at campfires, a wood at dawn and all such fairytale stereotypes, which I never particular cared for - disliking anything fantastic, but rather liking the real world. That may not say anything I feel about this music, but actually I thought this is quite nice too. Just like the Aalfang release, this may not be the sort of music I play a lot (although later date Dead Can Dance occasionally finds it way to the CD player - there: another confession), but its music that is indeed, at times, appreciated."
Frans de Waard

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